The Greymouth Star

The Greymouth Star
Established in 1866, the Greymouth Evening Star serves the province of Westland, New Zealand's longest region. The newspaper's circulation area stretches from Westport in the north to Haast in South Westland through some of the country's most remote wilderness.

The Star, which is New Zealand's sixth oldest daily newspaper, had its origins in the gold rushes of the Westland region. It was founded by James Snyder Browne as a four-page daily and began publication on March 18, 1866.

Like many of his contemporaries, Snyder Browne was an itinerant operator. Only two months prior to setting up the Greymouth paper he had rented premises in Hokitika to produce the Hokitika Evening Star in order to combat the political ambitions of the proprietor of the West Coast Times which he subsequently took over. However he did not stay long in the region and by the end of 1869 had sold both his Hokitika and Greymouth interests. He went on to found numerous other newspapers in the North Island in particular and to serve for a time as editor of the New Zealand Herald in Auckland.

Snyder Browne sold the Star to John Tyrell, a restless Irishman who had founded the Hokitika and West Coast Times in 1865.

When he arrived in Greymouth Tyrell bought with him Joseph Petrie who was to have an enduring association with the Star. Tyrell soon sold the Star to R. C. Reid and Co. but Petrie stayed on to consolidate his position in the town. About 1874 Joseph Ives bought the Star and sold it the following year to Petrie who was to edit it from then until his death in 1908.

During 1891 Petrie sold the newspaper to the Greymouth Evening Star Co. Limited, a company created with the issuing of 3500 £1 shares, of which 1200 were deemed to be paid up and held by him. He also bought 60 shares on his own account and was engaged as editor.

The new company had a directorate of five local businessmen that was subsequently expanded to seven.

Those who took up shares at an average holding of £10 each were truly a mixed bag. Among the 75 original shareholders there were 34 occupations represented - most significantly 15 publicans.

While the original shareholders were from the area, the shares became dispersed over the ensuing years but the directors remained essentially local and while the newspaper celebrated 125 years in 1991, the company marked its centenary.

In same year the Greymouth Evening Star became part of the Allied Press group, when the Dunedin based Media Company purchased a majority shareholding.


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The Greymouth Star

The Greymouth Star

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